Virginia Beach, Virginia Fishing Overview

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Everything You Need to Know About Virginia Beach, Virginia Fishing

Virginia Beach is one of the top vacation destinations on the Eastern Seaboard, and it's also home to some incredibly productive waters. Virginia Beach is an excellent launching point for some serious offshore fishing, and with access to endless backwaters and river mouths, top-notch inshore fishing is just a short boat ride away. With its unique location right at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Beach and the entire 7 cities area offer plenty of fishing year-round and something is always biting.

What can I expect to catch in Virginia Beach?

Offshore action is plentiful, and if you head out to the Norfolk Canyon, an underwater crevasse jutting in from the continental shelf. You'll have a good hance at some solid sized yellowfin, wahoo, cobia, and bluefish, and big billfish can be found as well.

Otherwise - take advantage of the fact that up to an estimated 90% of the worlds striped bass (known as rockfish in these parts) live in the Chesapeake Bay. You can also catch flounder, redfish, and cobia, but lets be honest you're here for the rockfish. With plenty of tournaments to join and multiple seasons to catch rockfish - contact us today to grab a guide and join in on the action.

Virginia Beach Tides and Weather

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Places to Stay in Virginia Beach, Virginia