Everything You Need to Know About Tulum, Mexico Fishing

Fishing Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is located amongst beaches and jungles but happens to be right on the edge of some deep underwater canyons. The depth means it will be way easier for you to skip out of town and catch some true deep-sea fish. Take a trip to Tulum and introduce yourself to the Yucatan way of life!

Tulum Inshore Fishing

If you like to stay closer to shore, there are plenty of reefs and inshore action to be had! Tulum has often been called the permit capital of the world because of the quality opportunities that exist here. With bonefish, snook, barracuda, and more, there is a bucket list fish for every angler in the inshore waters around Tulum.

Tulum Reef Fishing

The reefs near Tulum are teeming with fish species that are a blast to catch and will have you coming back for more. Various species of snapper and grouper feed near these reefs and the best way to target them is by deep-dropping bait. Amberjack, mackerel, and kingfish also patrol these waters and will crush bait when the bite is on. All of these species make for excellent meals which is an added bonus to the excitement of catching them. The reef fishing here is packed full of action and you can expect sore arms the next day.

Tulum Offshore Trolling

Heading to productive offshore waters doesn't take long from Tulum because of the underwater canyons that surround the area. Once out of the harbor, you can drop lines and target mahi-mahi, tuna, blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, and swordfish on these exhilarating fishing charters. With these fish growing to hundreds of pounds you might have to battle a fish for hours. Landing one of these giants means you are in for a treat because they have excellent food qualities and it doesn't get much better than fresh seafood you caught yourself.

Tulum Tide and Weather

Although the weather in Tulum is always perfect, check out tide times and charts here, and weather forecasts here, to be prepared for your trip.

Places to Stay in Tulum, Mexico