Everything You Need to Know About Loreto, Mexico Fishing

Fishing Loreto, Mexico

Loreto is an absolute hotspot on the interior of Baja California Sur. If you want to fish the Gulf of California, this is the spot every sportfishing angler dreams about. Surrounded by a beautiful blue ocean and gorgeous shoreline, it's hard to think of a better place to take a fishing trip.

Loreto Nearshore/Inshore Fishing

Year-round your bread and butter here will be snapper and seabass. Although they may not be the most impressive fish to look at, they are very delicious and put up a great fight. This means you will always have some nice fish for the dinner table no matter what. Depending on the time of year, you are also likely to run into yellowtail, roosterfish, and groupers. Roosterfish are a prize on their own and are on almost every angler's bucket list. They get their name from the long spines that extend off their dorsal fin and have the appearance of a roosters crown.

Loreto Offshore fishing

The summer months are when the offshore giant sportfish bite really heats up, and anglers can land mahi-mahi, marlin, sailfish, and yellowfin tuna. Yellowfin tuna may be the best-tasting fish in the sea and with an abundance of them in Loreto you will be in for a treat. Marlin and sailfish can grow over 700 fairly easily and if you are lucky enough to hook up to one, you will be battling for hours. Mahi-mahi is often called the chicken of the sea and that because this unique-looking fish is both abundant and tasty!

Loreto Tides and Weather

Although the weather is almost always beautiful, check out tide times here, and weather forecasts here.

Places to Stay in Loreto, Mexico