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Southern California 2020 Tuna Season - What's the call?

Things are getting hot! The 2020 Tuna Season has come early this year! Not a wide-open-limit type bite, mind you, but a scattered and school sized assortment of bluefin, yellowfin, and yellowtail are definitely here early this year! As you can see by the picture above, mixed in are a few larger quality fish. The bite is inconsistent and mobile, but none the less, this is the earliest I have seen Yellowfin Tuna in California waters since the last El Nino of 2016. Is 2020 going to be another El Nino year for fishing? The predictions all indicate that it is.

In fact, 2019 was the second hottest year on record (in the history of history) and 2020 could be even hotter! If this season gets another El Nino weather phenomenon that hits like it did 2014-2016, then we will most likely have a very early, very strong, and long lasting tuna season. What does that mean for the fishing industry as a whole? We have never had past data to compare with the recent warming trends. Literally, its never b…

Galveston Fishing Charters: Feeling Damn Good Offshore

We’re kicking off our first Captain Experiences Captain’s Corner blog with a Trip Recap. Our trip with Captain Lee aboard the Tequila Sunrise was truly the trip of a lifetime for more reasons than you can count.

I met Mark at our Captain Experiences booth at the Houston Boat Show. I told him about how Captain Experiences makes booking a fishing charter quick and easy, and he was all in. He requested a 12-person Galveston offshore tuna fishing trip for his group of devoted fishermen, and that was that.
Then I remembered that Capt. Lee wanted to plan one of his 36-hour offshore trips with us and bring a professional photographer/videographer to capture some content for his trip listing on our website.
I told Mark about the purposes of our trip with Capt. Lee- Mark seemed pretty reserved at the booth, but he smiled ear-to-ear and nodded like a bobble head when I told him we had two spots chasing tuna, wahoo, and mahi mahi.

Mark pinged his buddy Joe who was equally down for the cause. From …

Giant West Coast Blue Fin! Catch and Cook?

Hello again everyone! Today's blog is all about the top game fish of California, the Bluefin Tuna. In this article, we are going to cover our favorite fish to catch, and our favorite ways to prepare it for a wonderful dining experience.

This article is brought to you by CaptainExperiences, providing access to damn good fishing charter vessels nationwide.  Ok, let's get started.

1. The Chase. In my opinion, the hardest to catch, and the best-tasting fish to roam the oceans. To catch a bluefin tuna requires a seaworthy vessel, the very best equipment, competent fisherman, good electronics, and lots and LOTS of fuel. Bluefin fishing is usually deeper waters and further away from shore. Around San Diego, there have been instances where Bluefin was caught as close as the nine-mile bank, but this is extremely rare and does not last very long. Most successful bluefin trips are multi-day and venture as far out as 250 miles from shore, for best results. Your other choice is to head so…

Sportfishing's 2019 West Coast Best Photos and Wrap Up. Bluefin were here!

BIG BLUE FIN TUNA FROM START TO FINISH! The 2019 West Coast fishing season can be best summed up with two words, "Blue Fin!" Not for many years have these majestic fish felt us worthy to grace us with their presence. But this year, they did. 2019 was the year of the Bluefin's return all along the entire SoCal coast, the inner, middle, and outer banks, and especially along the San Clemente Islands, Tanner and Cortez banks.

Not only did the Bluefin tuna show up in force for the first time in 80 years, but the size and quantity of catch was considerably larger than in years past. Here is a great video about the comeback.

TOP PRODUCERSThe top producing locations for Bluefin fishing for the San Diego fleets was definitely San Clemente Island, the Tanner Bank, and the Cortez bank. Without a doubt the densest population of Bluefin passed through here this year than many people have seen in their life, even the old timers. Many believe this…