COVID Sourthern California Sportfishing Update as of 4/1/20

SPECIAL REPORT Hello everybody, I hope that you are home safe and feeling fine.  I am sure that like me, you are savoring your sports re-runs, playing games with the kids, and gaining weight at an alarming rate.

I miss fishing, and being on the ocean, and hanging out with all of you. When I started to write this article I thought about trying to make some jokes to lighten the subject, but instead have decided I should talk about my observations and pertinent information instead.

San Diego Harbor and Mission Bay

All commercial charter landing boats (vessels carrying more than 10 souls) are temporarily closed or not running charters. Groups larger than 10 prohibited have been prohibited. All shared party charters cancelled. Private party charters are still permitted if origination from a commercial charter slip. Public boat launches are closed. Bait barges in San Diego and Oceanside were open as of 2/27. Mission bay has been closed to all non-essential traffic.

Los Angeles (Harbors)
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The Big Ol Mess: Fishing Reports for March 27, 2020

So I sat down last night and thought it'd be great to ask our guides for fishing reports ahead of the weekend. I blasted a text out expecting a few responses...

I was immediately blown away by how many updates I received. I hunkered down to write this and the first thing I thought was, "this is gonna be a Big Ol Mess".

These are great fishing reports that we at Captain Experiences are excited to share. We can't thank our Damn Good Guides enough for this info, and wish everyone and their families the best during these times.

As you'll read, many of our guides, charters, lodges, and outfitters have been adversely affected by the Coronavirus (like our Galveston fishing charters). While some can't offer trips right now, you can still beat the post-COVID rush and reserve your dates. Our 100% Trip Guarantee ensures you can always book confidently with Weather Protection, Free Cancellations, and our Best Price Guarantee.

Please comment below on what you think of ou…

Galveston Fishing Report with Capt. L.G.

Captain’s Corner Galveston Fishing Report  with Capt. L.G. (3.13.20)

Galveston Spring break action is in full swing- bull Black Drum, Sheepshead, and slot Redfish are here and they're hungry!

At the jetties, bull Black Drum are red hot on tide fluctuations. Heavy morning fog can complicate hitting the tidal outflows/inflows on time but they're biting if you can get there!

Capt. LG and his groups caught 10+ drum yesterday (3/12/20), a few Redfish, and a few Sheepshead. The bull Black Drum are chomping best on cracked crab.

Bay fishing has been spotty with Capt. LG catching fish every day but not a lot of keepers. Capt. LG says the Redfish, Speckled Trout, and Flounder are still way up north (Baytown area) following winter patterns. 

As the weather warms up, the bait will mature and start migrating towards the Gulf. That’ll bring the fish with them and will bring them south into East Bay and West Bay.
For now, Redfish and Speckled Trout are mostly hitting live shrimp. Moving aroun…

BLUEFIN are here at last! Our first catch of the year! 60 miles south of border.

Finally, the day has come. I am weary from this long winter and am ready to fish again, but lately I have been craving the tug only a larger fish can provide. The day finally came THIS WEEK as we scored our FIRST Blue Fin Tuna of the year. This 100+ lb specimen was caught this week, and while we were there, we saw huge schools of Bluefin all round us. We were only able to get one to bite, before the entire school suddenly dived, never to be seen again. Still, ONE is better than none.

Frozen flying fish rigged to a kite is your best bet for a big bite. It's hard to get this as bait and a single frozen flying fish cost about $50. We of course will provide a few (if we can get them) for free. You only need like 4 to have a successful day! This is because we use this type of bait exclusively for kite fishing, and you can generally only fly one at a time. But man, do these things work. They are like cotton candy to Blue Fin.

Here is how its done!
Just like the video said, it only took …

Rockfishing Season is Open! We are on it! Catch and Cook with Video.

March 1st, 2020 is opening day for the Rock fish Season! Before the season ended on December 31st, we were catching limits on almost every HALF DAY trip.  As of today, we are back at it again. The great thing about a rock fishing trip is that a half day charter is more than sufficient to catch a bag full of fish. Read below to find out my 3 favorite things about Rock fish:

To book a trip on one of our vessels for a rock fishing trip,  please visit the San Diego section of
1. VERY TASTY! Rock fish is some of the best eating fish out there. Soft, white, flaky meat that doesn't have a fishy taste. Of course, the best dish to make is MEXICAN FISH TACOS. Most people do not know it, but if you have ever had real Mexican fish tacos, you were probably being served rock fish or rock cod. Check out the end of this article for a few recipes. On our larger boats like the Easter B, we will cook up some fish tacos for you on the way home! (8 hour trip or longer). Cleaning …

Galveston Fishing Charters Explained: The Damn Good Guide to Galveston Fishing Charters

Booking a Galveston fishing charter can be a time-consuming, headache-inducing mess. With hundreds of guides to choose from and endless tweets, posts, and shady online reviews, it’s easy to go wrong booking a guide that doesn’t “float your boat”.
Captain Experiences makes booking a fishing guide quick, easy, and safe. Instead of calling guides one-by-one, you can search Captain for your ideal trip, read our 100% Verified Reviews, and book on the spot with our licensed and insured guides. Booking with Captain is 100% free and never costs you more than booking direct.
We started Captain Experiences in Houston, TX because of our lackluster experiences booking fishing charters. We’ve published this guide on types of Galveston fishing charters and our guide recommendations to help anglers book the trip of a lifetime every time.
We’ve broken down Galveston fishing charters into Inshore, Nearshore (Jetty), and Offshore trips. Here we go:
Quick Take: ·The Galveston Bay System is the largest bay …